Over the Moon Marketing prides itself in providing marketing solutions for businesses anywhere in the world…. zZZZzzZZZZZz…..

OMG! What a SnoozeFest! Let’s Start OVER!

Right away, let me clarify that we are NOT like other marketing agencies. We don’t wear fancy clothes and we like to joke around a lot. However, we take our work and your business very seriously, but who says that work can’t be fun?

Hi, I’m Moon, and here at Over the Moon Marketing, we love everything related to marketing, including whatever tools we need to use to help bring more customers to your door and more money to your business. We will only succeed if YOU succeed.

Over The Moon Marketing

I, along with my talented team, have been involved in SEO & marketing since 2008, until I officially started Over The Moon Marketing in 2013. We understand that you would be paying us to help you build an online presence and get more customers/clients through YOUR door. We do not take that lightly.

It’s hard for us to hear potential client’s stories of how they wasted their money on cheap and ineffective marketing services, so we want to prove that not all marketers will just take your money and do nothing to help your business. Let’s address some questions/concerns you might have…

1. Do I Need SEO?

At the end of the day, only YOU know what could be a benefit to your business. Before we take on any clients, we first perform an analysis of your website and online presence. We conduct the on-site analysis to see if there are any improvements we can make to your website from a search engine optimization perspective. The next step we perform is the off-site analysis, where we determine what’s going on in the background (your previous backlinks, ads, etc.).

Those reports help us determine what we need to do for your website to get it to rank in the top spots on Google and other search engines. After we conduct the analysis, YOU decide if you want to make an investment in your website and online presence. To be completely honest, if you don’t have a great presence online, you’re missing out on many potential clients/customers. If you’re here, you know that as well.


2. I Need SEO/Marketing And Social Media Services, But I Can’t Afford It…


investing money

In all honesty, when you invest in marketing your business online, you are reaching a whole new segment of potential clients that your competitors are already enjoying. That won’t be the case if your website is sitting on page 2, 3, or 4 on Google. You will only be more profitable after investing in your business and climbing to the top spots and being more visible. It’s like saying, “What if I lose money by buying business cards and handing them out?”

Congratulations! You’re now ahead of the game! Be assured that we do the best work we can FOR YOU so we don’t lose your business in the short or long run. As you know, acquiring new clients is one of the hardest things to do as a small business, so our relationship with you matters. The better YOU look, the better WE look…it’s a win-win situation!


3. Why Do Other SEO Companies Promise To Get Me To The Top Spots For Cheap And Fast?

Let’s be completely clear: NO ONE can guarantee you a top spot on Google, and certainly not in a certain time frame. It’s not possible (unless you’re in with Google). That just means that company is about to practice black hat techniques on your website, which Google will be quick to penalize.

Some marketers practice black hat techniques, which will put your website in grave danger. Once Google penalties have been unleashed, it makes our job harder…not only to bring your website back, but to get it to rank again.

What we do for our clients costs money because we do things right. I have personally seen the face of SEO and marketing change drastically over the last five years. These days, if you live in a mid-size city, you will definitely have a lot of competition. If you’re in a major city, that will cost even more, because we must pay to use the resources to jump your business ahead of your competition, plain and simple.

If you were going to race someone who owns a Corvette, you wouldn’t show up on a moped would u?


4. What If I spend Thousands Of Dollars And See NO Results?



This is hardly ever the case for any good SEO company. Every month, we assess the work we have performed for you. We provide you with reports and monitor your rankings. We want to deliver you the best results possible so, depending on the movement we see, we can adjust our strategy accordingly.

For example, if the work we do in the first month (for some odd reason) doesn’t give your site a push in the rankings, we will change what we are doing. Getting clients to the top positions is a tricky mixture of art, science, and magic (yes, magic!)

We do what needs to be done, but in the best way possible.


5. So, Moon, Why Should I Choose You Over Another Marketing Company?

You’re right, you don’t know me from any other marketer. However, just by reading this information, hopefully you are realizing that I am very upfront about what my team and I can and cannot do for you.

The bottom line is: we can’t afford to disappoint you. If we do, you move on and we lose a valued client. We don’t make you sign a contract, which would bind us together, no matter what the results were, so we know we need to work extra hard to keep you as a client. We are honest from the start about whether we can help you or not and if so, in what capacity. That’s it!


Something To Think About…

For every potential client we’ve talked to, we have been faced with skepticism and sarcasm, more often than not, but we understand. Unfortunately, the barrier to this industry is very low and anyone (and everyone) claims to be a marketing expert.

Of course, anyone can put up a website, create a Facebook page, and launch a Twitter account, but that’s not how most business owners get more customers. It’s what you do with your website that will convert visitors on your page to paying customers (get them to pick up the phone due to the content of your website), and create social media campaigns that will create a buzz to gain more attention…that’s what will acquire new customers.

…and that’s what I specialize in. I want to create long term relationships with my clients, to do business honestly, and help to increase their visibility, and as a result, their profits.

That’s what Over the Moon Marketing is all about. I know if I can help you do that, I have another happy and loyal client!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me. Have a great day!