I Don’t Need To Convince You: 10 Damn Fine Reasons You Need a Facebook Business Page TODAY

It’s true: I don’t need to convince you that you need a Facebook page for your business. There is probably a thought tapping the back of your mind, a deep itch, somewhere in there, where you know, that a Facebook page for your business is a necessity. BUT… just in CASE, you were thinking, “Nah, […]

On-Site SEO Is DEAD!


Isn’t SEO supposedly dead? With all the shakedowns Google has put us through in the last couple of years…. the Panda, the Penguin, and now the damn Pigeon…. surely, search engine optimization has been rendered useless. Especially on-site SEO. RIGHT? RIGHT?!! Not true at all. Before I get into it, let me explain something: Google […]

Moon Loves SEO: No, She Really, Really Does!

Bulls & SEO

Seriously Moon, why are you hell bent on convincing that us that you love SEO? Or is it that you’re trying to convince yourself of this love? Well, hear me out. While I run my other lovely SEO experiments… …. Google keeps continuing at a dizzying pace. Just last month, Google released the pigeon update…. […]

The Struggle Is Real: Down & Dirty With White Hat Link Building

eating brick

In this day and age of, “only blog networks work”, me & my partner wanted to really test this theory. How? Well, with all the projects we have running, we wanted to see if we can improve our rankings by using other methods of link building… So far, this is how I feel: Okay, so […]

Moon Loves SEO: It’s Game Time In Moon’s World of SEO!


Gosh–I’m not going to beat around the bush here! When I made the decision to officially open Over the Moon Marketing, I was going through a lot of difficult things in my life, all extremely personal and painful–and still going through the seemingly neverending aftermath right now. Life became about paying bills and “work, work, […]

Part I: Dental Website Case Study

dental domain registration

Whew! You see, at Over the Moon Marketing, we know how to kick things up a notch! Let’s get weird 😉 What Is This Case Study All About? To be frank, it’s been a little while since we conducted a pure case study. Don’t get me wrong, I do SEO work all the time. From […]

Most Marketing Is Bullshit–And Here’s Why

“Whooooaaaa, easy there Moon! Don’t you SELL marketing? How’re you gonna sit here and tell me what you offer is bullshit?” Okay, so first, let me make a clear distinction: what I offer isn’t bullshit. What I offer is a clear cut, customized online marketing solution for your business. Most other marketing is bullshit because […]