Meet Our Team

Over the Moon Marketing is the brainchild of Moon Hussain, a Florida native rolling stone who moved to Delaware for a decade and graduated from University of Delaware… and currently resides in Southern California. After launching, experimenting, testing her own websites and learning the tricky craft of “SEO”, Moon started Over the Moon Marketing to bring smart internet marketing solutions to small businesses in the area. Over the Moon Marketing prides itself as a small business and we understand what’s on the line when it comes to growing your business using the internet as a marketing medium.

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Moon Hussain :: SEO Addict

Moon - Over the Moon Marketing
For some of us, search engine optimization is an addiction. We spend hours reading about it, testing theories, observing how websites perform, and sometimes, some of us get a high watching our clients reap the benefits from our marketing plans. That’s how you know you can trust us.

Moon attended the University of Delaware where she graduated with a BS in Computer Science. Soon after, she accepted the position of web application programmer with a local school district in Delaware. Within the same time frame, she became intrigued with search engine optimization and all the intricacies involving marketing on the internet. The next couple of years gave way to creating numerous websites and experimenting with SEO.

“Moon has been providing our school district with application development support since she started with us in early 2008. She has worked with several different users creating different applications tailored to each department’s needs.

Moon has been a pleasure to work with and has shown herself to be a very quick study. She has tremendous potential complimenting her already obvious set of skills. Her desire to grow and excel will fuel this growth and enable her to acheive her personal and professional goals.”
-Bob V., School District Supervisor

Fast forward to mid-2012 and Moon leads her own agency competing against big firms in the area. That’s more than okay: pressure doesn’t make her shake in her boots. That’s when she performs her best.

If you got through that, kudos! This SEO Addict would also like to mention that she loves hiking local trails, playing at the beaches (and watching fishies ride the waves), trying yummy foods (note: not adventurous), being a slave to her handsome-than-any-cat cat, taking road trips (10k miles across the country and back in her latest trip) and exploring beautiful San Diego.

Joey Poe :: The Smooth Operator

Coming Soon!

Sspeedy :: The Evil OverLord

Yes! Everyone at Over the Moon Marketing is kept in line thanks to our evil Overlord, Sspeedy, who doesn’t hesitate to bring out a whip and paddle to set us straight.

When he’s not busy charming strangers with his seemingly sweet face and those magnificent green eyes, he occasionally likes to hunt a fly (if he’s not feeling too lazy), enjoys hanging outdoors and loves to harass the living hell out of anyone he sees with a treat bag.

Rest assured, the team here begins their day pledging fealty to our Evil OverLord, Sspeedy, and end the day by offering him treats–enough to distract him so they can sneak out of the room.