What We Do

Here at Over the Moon Marketing, we live & breathe search engine optimization. Every few months (especially this year), Google has unleashed “updates” that have affected website rankings all over the web (national & local search results). These updates have been more frequent in the last year and Google (and other search engines) intend on unrolling more of them.

Keeping up with your business website, tracking your rankings in Google and other search engines is a beast of a task. Your business is your livelihood and we take online marketing for your business seriously.

We carve out a specific marketing plan for your business. It can include implementing a system to collect reviews from your client-base and improving your review profile online, maximizing your Google Maps/Places, specifically performing search engine optimization on your business website, creating mini-funnel sites to drive more traffic (& business) to your door, launching clever marketing videos focusing on your websites… & that doesn’t include all of our SEO arsenal we’ve stored away for those rainy days!

What You Can Expect From Us

We love happy clients and you can expect us to go the extra mile to bring you fantastic results–nothing would please us more to add another happy client to our list of growing clients. After gauging your needs, we will design a proposal consisting of custom marketing packages. We will answer any questions you have at that point. Once you select an option, we get started right away.

Within 24 hours, you will receive instructions on how to log into the system and communicate with us. Every month, you will receive a report on the work done and the status of your website rankings.

Ready to get started?